Medico-legal Services

Employment Record

onsultant Neurologist Sept. 1979- Dec.1992

Dept. of Medical & Surgical Neurology
Walton Hospital

Professor of Neurology from Jan. 1993 – Dec 2006
Department of Neurological Science
University of Liverpool

Honorary Consultant Neurologist, Walton Centre Jan 1993-July 2008

Honorary Senior Fellow, University of Liverpool Feb 2007 onwards

Emeritus Professor of Neurology, University of Liverpool. July 2008 onwards

Non-executive Director, Walton Centre NHS Foundation Trust. Aug. 2012 onwards


Additional duties

Internal University

Member, Budget Group, Academic Committee, Univ. Liverpool 2003-2004

Elected Member, Academic Committee, Univ. Liverpool 2002-2004

Elected Member, Faculties Review Committee – Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Science, University of Liverpool 1997-1999

Member, Faculty of Medicine Research Committee 1996-2006

Member, Dean’s Advisory Group, Faculty of Medicine 1997-2006

Member, Faculty Planning Group, Faculty of Medicine 1997-2006

Head of School of Clinical Medicine 2004-2006

Deputy Dean, Faculty of Medicine 2005-2006


UK National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE)

Chairman, Consensus Reference Group, NICE MS Guidelines 2002-2003

Member, Technology Appraisal Panel, NICE from 2004-2008

Member, Topic Consideration Panel (Long-term conditions) NICE from 2006-2008

UK Department of Health (DoH)

Member, Expert Advisory Panel on Research, Institute of Neurology. 1993

Member, Biomedical Funding Panel, NW Region NHS R&D 1998-2001

Member, NHS NW (Mersey) Higher Awards Committee 1997-1999

Chairman, Project Management Group, MS Risk Sharing Scheme, DOH 2002-2005

Member, Steering Group, Clinical Standards Advisory Group, Report on Epilepsy Services, DoH 1999

Clinical lead, Neurology Specialist Library, National Library for Health, DoH. 2006-2010

Clinical Lead, e-learning for long-term neurological conditions, DoH. 2008-2010

MRC Appointments

Member, MRC Neuroscience Grants Committee 1994-1997

Member, MRC Neuroscience Approach to Human Health Strategy Committee 1994-1995

Member MRC Medical Advisory Board from 1997

Chairman, Trial Steering Group for MRC CRASH (Corticosteroid After Significant Head Injury) Study. 1998-2004

Chairman, Trial Steering Group for MRC CAMS (Cannabinoids in MS) Study 2000-2003

Chairman, Trial Steering Group for MRC Parkinson’s Disease Surgical Study 2001-2008

Other UK Governmental roles

Member, Honorary Medical Advisory Panel on Driving and Disorder of the Nervous System to the Minister of State for Transport 1988-1996

Chairman, Honorary Medical Advisory Panel on Driving and Disorders of the Nervous System to the Minister of State for Transport. 1996-2004

Association of British Neurologists

Council Member, Association of British Neurologists 1986-1989

Chairman, Guideline Panel for Multiple Sclerosis, Association of British Neurologists 2000-2003

President, Association of British Neurologists 2005-2007

International League Against Epilepsy

Chairman, Commission on Antiepileptic Drugs, International League Against Epilepsy 1993-1997

Hon. Secretary, British Branch, International League Against Epilepsy 1984-1988

President, British Branch, International League Against Epilepsy 2002-2005

Other roles

Member of Faculty, Clinical Research Methods Teaching Course, American Academy of Neurology 1998-2002

Member, Grants Committee of Epilepsy Research Foundation of UK 1994-1997

Member, Scientific Advisory Committee, XVII World Congress of Neurology, London 1999-2001

Non-executive member and Trustee, Trust Board, The Epilepsy Society. 2007-2012

Chairman, Irish Epilepsy Society (Brainwave) Research Committee. 2007 onwards

Chairman, MS Society Review Committee – Institute of Neurology, Programme Grant. 2007 onwards